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Natural Wood-smoked Fillets, Spreads & Jerky

About Our Smokehouse

We’ve been smoking our own fresh farmed fish in Idaho, USA for over a decade, perfecting our process to a level that’s worthy of the high quality fish we raise. Our Steelhead and Red Rainbow Trout are slow-smoked with our own blend of natural woods, producing a rich and flavorful, smokey flavor without drying the fish out.

At Evaqua Farms, we produce a range of smoked products that are great for quality focused restaurants, and perfect for entertaining or enjoying at home. Smoked Steelhead & Trout are an excellent, guilt-free snack with a taste and smell that transports you to the great outdoors. They’re are a great compliment to most any meal as an appetizer or quick bite when you’re on the go. And with products that are available in individual packages, as well as a variety of quantity bundles, you can conveniently stock up on exactly what you need, and bring it out when the time is right.

Healthy, High Quality Fish

Smoked To Perfection

Smokehouse Products

Fillets & Butterfly Cuts

Natural wood-smoked Steelhead and Red Rainbow Trout fillets & butterfly cuts. Available as a single fillet, 1 lb. package or 2 lb. package. No cooking required, just open and enjoy.

Ready-To-Eat Spreads

Perfect for entertaining at home (or snacking)! Choose from 3 delicious flavors: Jalapeno, Onion, and Cranberry. Available in ready-to-eat 8 oz. containers, or in a 12-pack (6 lb.) bundle.

Premium Jerky

A healthy snack when you’re on the move. Our Trout or Steelhead Jerky comes individually wrapped, or in a 12 oz. container (24 pieces). Choose between Original, Cracked Pepper or Bold & Spicy flavors.

Canned Trout & Burgers May Also Be Available. Inquire For Info.


Smoked Trout Recipes

Smoked Steelhead & Trout quickly become the star of any meal, due to their unforgettable flavor. And although it’s great by itself, without mixing it with other ingredients, there are many creative ways to turn your smoked fish into an unforgettable meal! Here are a few of our favorites.

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