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About Our Red Rainbow Trout

Our Red Rainbow Trout (“Oncorhynchus mykiss”) are a beautiful freshwater fish that are native to the Pacific Coast of North America, found from Alaska down to the California border of Mexico. We raise them in nature’s best spring water, right here in the trout capital of the world: Idaho. Our fish are fed a nutritious diet that is rich in Astaxanthin, a natural element found in plankton and krill that gives lobster, shrimp and flamingos their beautiful red hue. This non-GMO diet is extremely healthy for the fish and passes a multitude of health benefits along to the consumer.

Our Red Rainbow Trout has a milder flavor than salmon, yet offers the same beautiful red hue and an array of incredible health benefits. And because we produce our fish right here in the USA, we’re able to provide it to you fresh. By consuming our USA-raised fish, you’ll never have to worry about the rampant imported fish quality assurance issues. Furthermore, by supporting products of the USA, you’re creating better local jobs.

100% Traceable
Sustainably Raised
No Growth Hormones
High In Omega 3
Raised In The USA
Our Fresh Farmed Rainbow Trout is a

Natural Superfood

Did you know our Red Rainbow Trout is considered a “superfood”?

Superfoods are a select group of foods that are considered nutritionally dense and therefore excellent for your health. They pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. Our Red Rainbow Trout are an excellent and natural, non-GMO source of protein, Niacin, vitamin B12, Omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. Let’s take a look at why that’s so great for us:

  • Protein is the building blocks of our body. It is important in growth and development and assists in repairing damaged tissues.
  • Niacin is important in converting the food we eat into energy as well as assisting with digestive, skin, and nerve functions within the body.
  • Vitamin B12 is required to form red blood cells which deliver oxygen throughout the body. B12 is also essential in supporting brain health and in creating DNA which holds our genetic material.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for brain function by aiding in memory, performance, and behavior as well as assisting with normal growth and development. Research has also shown that Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower your risk of chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.
  • Many people have concerns about mercury and fish. Trout is an excellent option when eating fish due to its high Omega-3 fatty acid content and its low levels of mercury. Our farmed trout are an excellent option versus the unpredictability of wild fish quality and attributes.
  • The USDA recommends eating 8 oz. of a variety of fish each week for optimum nutrition.

Trout Improves

Brain Health
Heart Health
Skin Health
Eye Health
Stress Levels
Life Expectancy
Growth & Energy
Trout Improves Health

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