Evaqua Farms

Our Story

How And Why We Began

Evaqua Farms is part of a broad vision to make a substantial impact on saving wild salmon populations and providing great fish — grown sustainably in the USA, for the USA.

Years ago, a life-long passionate fisherman became aware that native salmon populations worldwide were declining. He asked himself a sobering, critical question: “What can I do to protect this majestic beast, its threatened habitat and the critical role that they play in the world ecosystem?”. Perplexed by the magnitude of the issue, he called his friend, a 4th generation, conservation minded rancher and asked the same question. Their interaction sparked a conversation that evolved into a mandate for action.

Together they embarked on a several-year journey exploring the ecosystem of wild salmon, the demands that are placed on that ecosystem and the global demand for salmon as a center of the plate food option. What they found (not surprisingly) is a global economy and a worldwide human population growing like never before and in turn creating an unsustainable demand for one of nature's greatest resources.

Taking these truths to heart, they decided to pursue a model of raising salmon and trout, domesticated from wild stock, on land in fresh water systems that would provide the healthiest, highest quality, lowest impact salmon to the world. In this method they saw a way to make a sustainable food source that would be good on many levels. Good for humans, good for the environment and good for wild salmon.

Low Impact, Sustainable Farming That Helps


Eco-friendly, Human & Quality Focused

Where We Are Today

Today, Evaqua Farms is one of the largest trout growers and processors in the Americas, producing approximately ten million pounds a year. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, sustainably-raised, healthy Steelhead and Red Rainbow Trout products in the market.

We began with our own broodstock and egg sources whose traceability make them some of the oldest and healthiest in North America. We have over 30 years of traceable history on every one of our eggs, refining and improving every generation, so that each is better than the last.

We also apply our own proprietary nutrition systems, allowing us to control every detail of the fish’s diet, ensuring a premium and consistent product. Our high standard is healthy fish and world-class taste, and we achieve our goals by managing every detail from egg to plate.

Evaqua Farms produces a variety of fresh and smoked products, with a focus on Ruby Red Steelhead and Red Rainbow Trout. We realize that both you and your customers have unique and varying needs, and we are here to serve you individually — whether it is specialized products, packaging, or delivery.