Evaqua Farms

Our Standards


“Farmed with care” is more than an inspirational motto — it’s the methodology and set of high standards that enable us to produce fish that we’re proud of. In everything we do, we hold ourselves accountable and we pledge...

  • To do everything we can to ease the pressure on wild salmon
  • To do more with less, constantly pursuing the sustainability of our natural resources with every decision
  • To produce healthy, ethically raised products you can trust
  • To invest in people and do what we can to make their lives better
  • To capture and make traceability data available to the public
  • To prioritize the well-being of our fish
  • To assure you of a clean and premium delivered Steelhead
  • To provide prompt, friendly and courteous service by a knowledgeable and highly-trained staff
  • To be sensitive to special customer needs, delivering in a timely and efficient manner
  • To advocate positive change within our industry and empower farmers to make better fish
  • To educate consumers about healthy seafood practices

Our Fish...

  • Are 100% grown and processed in the USA
  • Are raised in the best natural water quality in the world
  • Are available with consistent size, color, and taste, 365 days / year
  • Are farmed with modern techniques with the lowest environmental impact
  • Are fed the best, antioxidant-rich feed ingredients, all from the USA
  • Are given the best care, with no preventative antibiotics
  • Provide better local jobs for great people
  • Are a rich source of high-quality protein
  • Are high in Omega 3, with no mercury
  • Are parasite-free
  • Are non-GMO, non-transgenic, and are not fed growth hormones
  • Are raised from premium eggs with 100% traceability from egg to plate


Our Products

From Egg To Plate