Evaqua Farms

Our People

Great People, Great Possibilities

It takes more than water, sunlight and feed to make outstanding fish. It takes rare people who care deeply...people who are willing to learn and dedicate their lives to making life better for others, and better for the environment. When a person does that (in any industry), the result is great progress.

Our company is built on betterment. It’s why we talk so much about “care” — because we know that care creates change. Of course, we’re working to create change in the seafood industry, but equally as important is the betterment of the lives of those we influence: our employees and our consumers. For the sake of these people and Earth’s resources, we fix our sight on perpetual improvement.

Snake River

Our Promise

  • We commit to educating others, being teachable and pursuing knowledge
  • We commit to looking for ways to reward demonstrative care
  • We commit to doing everything we can to lessen the pressure on wild salmon together
  • We commit to the constant improvement of our processes, where the Earth, our employees, our customers and consumers are the beneficiaries
  • We commit to help our industry and peers experience positive growth
  • We commit to partnership and the sharing of knowledge with like-minded progress seekers
  • We commit to fair treatment of our employees
  • We commit to healthy relationship with our customers


Why join the Evaqua Farms family?
Are you looking for an opportunity to do something that greatly impacts people, and provides a long-term pathway to your success? We are passionate about these things, and are always looking for loyal, dedicated people that we can return the favor to. If you’re looking to be part of a team that rewards care and values collaboration, Evaqua Farms is a great place to be.


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