Evaqua Farms

Our Partners

Family Forward

We believe that when like-minded people come together, they accomplish greater things. As such, we put a lot of effort into building relationships that yield good things for our customers and the environment. We consider the following companies “family”, and are honored to have them in our circle of support.

Spring Salmon logo

Spring Salmon, our parent company, was formed to ensure a long future for wild salmon. Their mission is to decrease the pressure on wild salmon, increasing the health of our environment, our economy and humanity at large. Spring Salmon accomplishes this through a focus on the careful production of eggs, sustainable land-based production of fish, and the development of industry-leading technologies.

Riverence logo

Riverence, our sister company, is a producer of premium salmon and trout eggs in Washington State, USA. They produce eggs from their own domesticated broodstock — each with a traceable history that spans more than three decades. Understanding that one size does not fit all, Riverence provides high quality, high performance eggs that suit a farm’s specific needs. Riverence provides our primary egg supply, and we serve as one of their research and development partners, sharing data with one another to improve the performance of their eggs in the real world.

Troutex logo

Troutex provides multiple fast growing Rainbow Trout strains, from small portion size to late maturing, large Steelhead strains. The strains have been selected over a period of more than three decades. Troutex sells eggs to more than 30 countries worldwide, helping us diversify our egg supply and ensure supply chain dependability. Their alliance with Riverence (and us, as a result) is designed to benefit from shared breeding methodologies, distribution reach, and a widened product range.